L.A. Times Showcases WAHA's Low-Water Garden Contest Winner


The July 30 Los Angeles Times carries a well-illustrated story on one of the two winners of WAHA's 2010 garden contest. Emily Green, the Times' garden specialist, writing under the title "The Dry Garden: A Water-Wise Winner in West Adams," offered a text and photo tour of this Jefferson Park treasure. The garden was designed by well-known low-water landscape artist Renee Gunter for homeowners Marina Moevs and Steve Peckman. Green begins:

"The West Adams Heritage Assn. celebrates the preservation of historic houses, but earlier this month, a markedly modern installation in Jefferson Park shared its best garden prize. Look at the home of Marina Moevs and Steve Peckman, and it's obvious why: Few gardens could do a better job accenting but not overwhelming their lovingly restored Craftsman home.

"After having taken pains to strip, then stain the clapboard for a weathered, muted effect, the first criterion that Moevs and Peckman put to a local garden designer was to keep the plants low. Herbs would be welcome, but they didn't want any specimens taller than 3 feet. Furthermore, they didn't want to water -- or at least water often. Finally, they wanted to capitalize on a  cash-for-grass program that offers rebates for replacing turf with a low-water alternative."

Here is the full text of her story.