About Us

The West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) was founded in 1983 and has grown from a small resident support group into a major preservation voice with hundreds of members.  WAHA share many goals in common with most of the residents and organization of West Adams.  

West Adams is located just south and west of downtown Los Angeles and contains what is arguably the city’s largest concentration of period (mostly Victorian and/or Arts & Crafts) homes, seven of the city’s Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (several more are in the works), and one of the largest concentrations of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monuments.

WAHA is devoted to the preservation of the historic West Adams section of Los Angeles.  Besides the goal of preservation of the community’s architectural heritage WAHA also supports beautification activities, block club initiatives, neighborhood councils within the West Adams network and in addition seeks to educate Los Angeles’ citizens as well as others about the area’s cultural heritage and about possible restoration techniques.  WAHA also support the creation of HPOZs with West Adams and the designation of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments (LAHCM).

Sadly, there are still regrettable modifications and in some cases, destruction of architecturally significant features on buildings in West Adams because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of the value of those features to the property owner and the community at large. WAHA has a duty to continue to educate our members and non-members as to the immense value and beauty of historic preservation and share the many resources we have to maintain our heritage here in West Adams.

The West Adams neighborhood is unique because of the classic architecture of its homes, indeed a treasure for the city and for the residents of West Adams.  We invite you to take part in our many tours and events, to join us, or to help support our work with a membership and/or donation.  

Board of Directors
President:  Roland Souza
Vice President - Preservation:  Jean Frost
Vice President - Events:  Suzie Henderson
Vice President - Communications:  Laura Meyers
Treasurer:  Jean Cade
Secretary:  Paula Brynen

SeElcy Caldwell
Jim Childs
Kim Calvert
Lore Hilburg
Lisa Raymond - Tours Coordinator
Jeff Theer
Candy Wynne

Legal Advisor:  Harold Greenberg

Newsletter -
Laura Meyers, Vice President - Communications 
Reggie Jones, Publisher, Editor 
Suzanne Cooper, Layout & Design
Don Lynch - Writer

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