WAHA Merchandise Now Available Online


Full line of WAHA shirts, mugs, caps, buttons, and more can now be purchased through our website West Adams store at Cafe Press.

By Leslie Evans

Want to flaunt your involvement with historic preservation in West Adams? You can now select from 34 varieties of T-shirt, long and short sleved, with or without a hood, in several colors. There is even baby wear with the WAHA logo, and a special T-shirt for your dog. You can plunge deeper into your wardrobe with WAHA tank tops, boxer shorts, thongs, camisoles. Or maybe you would like some WAHA postage stamps, with two different designs and in several denominations.

The new wide lineup of WAHA emblazoned items stems from a partnership with Cafe Press, an online marketplace specializing in unique personalized items. The West Adams store can be reached by clicking on "WAHA Merchandise" on our main menu.

In addition to clothing the WAHA store features hats, tote bags, refrigerator magnets, mugs, and even a clock, an apron, and a teddy bear. Find something there for yourself or for someone close to you. When you purchase these products, you are supporting WAHA's historic preservation, beautification and community benefit efforts. Check out the menu to the left or click here to go directly to the WAHA store.